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Plotstar is a convergent mobile to web to mobile app that allows users to plan and book any chain of events and share this with their community or people joining them on a activity while taking advantage of savings.

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  •   1.Research
  •   2.Design
  •   3.Develop
  •   4.Deliver

1 - Plotstar is an App that delivers local deals to consumers in order to influence their day planning and retailer choices. The App helps users match their daily paths through the city with offers from local retailers. Consumers then use this information to make the most out of their day and their budget.

While doing an initial analysis, as a designer it was important to capture all the scenarios that generally people plan for an event with or without Plotstar and then other events fall around the single cornerstone event. ie, I am going to the theatre tonight at Jim at 10-30PM. The user experiecne should allows to do is to locate other things to do around this one event; based on time, location and preferences ie, I want dinner, to go for a drink after, a taxi home and some shopping before. Plotstar allows the users to plan all this, locate and save relevant offers and coupons in one place and place this in your calendar – importantly the user can then share this directly or through social media with other people that maybe joining the user on the event – this can drive wider Plotstar usage.

2 - My approach was to start with paper prototyping as it is always key component of our iterative design approach. At first I identified the key user tasks and then develop paper mock-ups that support these activities.

The following modules were finally simplified in terms of actionable mobile screens
a) LogIn: - After successful social media log in from front end, mobile device will send Facebook Id/ Twitter Id with respective @Facebook/@Twitter identifier
b) Plan My Day: User can create event from application which will get synched with Backend.
c). View My Plans: User will also be shown the plans which have been planned by this application.
d) View my CalendarView the native calendar in the application to check the diary
e) Show Offers- Show Offers based on location / Category and pin it on the map

3 - Rapid prototyping can mean the difference between quickly finding a path to a successful product and toiling away at a pipe-dream for months. Putting together a prototype will force every stakeholder of the project to think through the details and user experience of my product ideas. Once I have a prototype, it helped me to collect detailed feedback and iterate.

There are a couple of assumptions I had made during my prototype:
a) It's only going to be viewed in modern browsers, including during user testing and if the link is sent to a client.
b) The HTML code was never made for actual development.

4 - A UI specification defines the rules of engagement for a user interacting with a specific page or screen within an application.

My UI specification for Plotstar contains:
a) Visual overview of the screen.
b)Breaking the screen up into sections and individual visual elements.
c) Assets such as icons, images etc for various phone resolution.
d) Delivered Interaction details and visual comps.
e) Final sign off the project.

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