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Vonage is a leading VOIP service provider having more than 2.4 million customer world wide. Vonage had determined to support the corporate objectives of reduced churn and improved customer experience, used by their in-house and vendor agents. Vonage Interact was designed to redefine Vonage customer experience by combining systems into one easy-to-use application.

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1 - Vonage Interact is the new Vonage agent desktop tool. Key information from CCA is integrated with case management capabilities of VCase. It was designed to seamlessly integrate existing systems to unite many customer care functions under one easy-to-use umbrella, and to deliver significant time savings and performance improvements and provides the information you need to handle a large percentage of customer care calls from a single screen!

I had been working as a part of design team supporting at each phase of development lifecycle through various human factor duties. Firstly, I had listed the following user personas based on my observation:

Primary User persona: Agents
 - Customer Service / General Care
-  Account Management / Retention
- Technical Support (R2)
Secondary User personas : Business
- Fraud
 - Administration

I worked as a part of six members team had conducted Interact usability testing in Holmdel on Retention, Customer Care, and Tier 2 Technical Support. My team had approached Vonage to recruit participants for the initial usability testing (For interview and video recording). Based on standard statistical sampling we had decided to choose 16 participants [5 from Retention, 6 from Customer Care and 5 from Tech Support].

Usability test conducted for 2 phases
- Interview and Observation (Sometime retrospective)
- Lab test with Morare video recording and task analysis
Non-disclosure agreements & consent forms secured
Morae recordings captured then analyzed

Preliminary research findings delivered a 58% satisfaction rate with the current system.
Summery of user feedback I collected:
1. I think that I would like to use this system frequently (avg. 3.67)
2. I found the system unnecessarily complex (2.58)
3. I felt very confident using the system (3.33)
4. I needed to learn a lot of things before I could get going with this system

2 - I finally prepared three samples of Agent persona and their work under various scenarios.
Some scenarios were
- Verify customer
- Handling calls
- Categorizing calls
- Commenting calls
- Closing calls
- Opening contact
- Commenting contact
- Opening ticket
- Commenting ticket
- Issuing a credit
- Issuing a refund
Based on these scenarios the design team started brainstorming with paper prototypes and sketches. Finally I and my team had come up with the following high level scope. I did sample Rapid prototype (Using iRise): After consolidating through focus group with team.

3 - Once the low fidelity (MS-Visio) mock ups were approved by Business Analysts and Project management / technology team, I converted those mock ups into interactive hi-fidelity walkthroughs. I was using iRise to deliver high-quality user interface concepts for iterative usability testing. The iRise was exclusively using across various Capgemini project as a center of design excellence.

After each design iteration I was incorporating changes and defects that were found through usability test then updated the iRise document accordingly. If any new standard or style guideline required I usually sent a request to the visual design team. Later I handed over to my team for next round of usability testing. In Vonage Interact, we repeated this process for 4 design iterations.

4 - Once the overall satisfaction rate and other parameter arrived Client’s specific benchmark (80%) (Actual results showed 88% to 89%) I started creating user interface specification document with the help of visual designers and content writers then handover to the development team.

My UI Specification document contains flow charts and screen flows, detail interaction with behaviors and conditions, final visual design, icons, layout styles, content and messages (as delivered by the visual designers and content writers).

Once this document got signed off from each cross functional team I was assigned to oversee the actual implementation. I also wrote test cases for QA to verify the UI behaviors were executed accurately.

Some of my activities with iRise were -
- Data and page navigation
- Page simulation using common widgets
- Using Decisions and setting Rules
- Scenario Ideation
- Creating Templates and Masters
- Using Page Actions and Events
- Creation of Tables
- Using the Style Manager
- Exporting iDocs and Reports
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