How my ideation made an winning contract:

Adidas Group is in the process of rethinking, redesigning and redeveloping its collaboration environment. One of the first stepping-stones is the consolidation of existing platforms that currently serve content publishing and collaboration purposes.

In 2010 adidas Group launched The Stadium, a collaboration and BI platform. It is also used as an Intranet solution in some of the company’s markets. The Stadium has been a pilot system, but a crucial step for the next phase. The future solution will not only be a destination where employees can find content, but where they get work done.

Broadly speaking, the key success criteria for the solution are:
a)Useful – it provides value to our different audiences,
b)Usable - it helps people to accomplish their task easily,
c)Delightful - it offers a superior experience when accomplishing the task,
d)Accessible - it can be accessed in a usable and delightful way from almost any device.

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