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The Misfuel Prevention Pilot is the first project in Air BP’s Airfield Automation Programme. Airfield automation is defined by Air BP as the use of technology to standardize, simplify and automate processes and procedures at airfields where Air BP has a presence.
The proposed solution will provide an offline and online validation of fuel grade matching with fuel decal, previous purchases and Tail ID based master data and allow fueling only when there is match.

What I did:
UX framework that supports all BP interaction requirements – Model that involves creation of common interaction and responsive patterns. A/B Testing – 2 options designed and tested with the stakeholders to make a decision. Create Information Architecture - Information organization to establish the overall framework of the system - Navigation Model/Taxonomy and Screen Flows. Create scenario based wireframes for the critical scenarios. Defining the visual design style for the application (Unique screens) based on BP Stakeholder/User preferences. VD too follows an iterative model and will adopt industry trends, end-user and cultural preferences.

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