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A trading turret is a specialized telephony key system that is generally used by financial traders on their trading desks. Trading turrets enable users to visualize and prioritize incoming call activity from customers or counter-parties and make calls to these same people instantaneously. IPC’s Mercury turrets are the latest addition into an existing portfolio of Unigy CDIs or clients.


Samita was hired to work on the embedded user interface of the Mercury turret device which has a large touch screen area that can display up to three applications per screen simultaneously, using a custom tiled window manager. A Mercury turret can be paired with a second screen that increases the total number of simultaneous applications to six.


Samita’s work consists of three principle deliverables:
a) Flows and interaction
b) High fidelity mockups and
c) component definition.
In combination of latest UX tools such as Sketch, Zeplin and Invision. Samita has brought an excellent collaboration between product managers, marketing end UI engineers. She has also worked for the cloud equivalent of the same device with effective UI transformation. Major modules and functionality of the Turret UI worked:
• Multiple login and authentication management
• Overall layout design, active application management, dealing with user preferences on UI for home screen, Navigation redesign
• Speaker and microphone control UI
• Chat and communication design

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