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Sharestates is a pioneer in the field of marketplace real estate lending, the online path to consistent passive income for investors and a fresh source of targeted capital for borrowers. Sharestates has three key personas, Borrower, broker and Investor. Each persona has a different user flow yet they may overlap by their actions and states. The main reason Samita was hired for:
- To identify key differences of each persona flows and create a seamless user experience
- To reduce the complexity and increase discoverability
- To create an engaging experience to drive more investments or borrowing.


Summary of responsibility:
• Work with product management and engineering teams as well as other designs to help define product goals, requirements and represent user’s point of view throughout the product planning process.
• Design the workflows, wireframes, prototypes, sketches, and final delivery mockups, to illustrate design solutions.
• Verify and improve on designs through reviews, validations and formal usability testing with end users.
• Rapidly prototype and deliver multiple iterations and versions of a design to quickly advance.
• To make sensible design decisions even when not all data is available and be able to figure out and
correct possible mistakes that are discovered before shipping a product or a feature.

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