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Integrated Business Planning translates strategic plan and multiple functional plans to an actionable ONE plan for the organization and leads to better execution. This application was aimed to build in tablets particularly Microsoft windows Surface platform using Ocacle BPM as primary analytics engine.

Design tools

VIew Details

  •   1.Research
  •   2.Design
  •   3.Develop
  •   4.Deliver

1 - My research began with four key functional KPIs and the impact of relevant user personas.
a) Product Portfolio planning - Important for New product launch, PIPO, Revenue, margin and profitability planning
b) Demand planning - Important for unconstrained demand forecast, Demand collaboration and Consensus forecast
c) Supply planning - Such as Capacity Planning, Inventory planning, Resource planning
d) Demand – Supply Balancing - What-if analysis, Constrained forecast, Consensus on organizational forecast, Product Mix

2 - My approach was to start with defining user experience goal for Integrated Business Planning as a tool to help business analysts to make better decision for long term strategic planning and business. While choosing an appropriate data visualization technique the main user experience goals are to ensure two basic design principle :

Principle of Congruence
The structure and content of a visualization should correspond to the structure and content of the desired mental representation and well connected.
Principle of Apprehension
The structure and content of a visualization should be readily and accurately perceived and comprehended as quicker as possible

3 - Rapid prototyping can mean the difference between quickly finding a path to a successful product and toiling away at a pipe-dream for months. Putting together a prototype will force every stakeholder of the project to think through the details and user experience of my product ideas. Once I have a prototype, it helped me to collect detailed feedback and iterate.

I used Axure to do low key visual mock ups. Upon sign off from the business stakeholders and Marketing I started with actual comps. However as a designer I had to understood all the interaction patterns used in Surface frame work and the gestures used by touch screen devicess.

4 - A UI specification defines the rules of engagement for a user interacting with a specific page or screen within an application.

My UI specification for IBP contains:
a) Visual overview of the screen.
b)Breaking the screen up into sections and individual visual elements.
c) Assets such as icons, images etc for various phone resolution.
d) Delivered Interaction details and visual comps.
e) Final sign off the project.

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