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BP formally known as British Petroleum is one of the 6 super major oil and gas company. BP's key performance indicators is one of the most important things that they always track their performance against key financial and non-financial indicators. BP assess the group’s performance according to a wide range of measures and indicators to help the board and executive management measure performance against our strategic priorities and business plans.

BP's KPI Dashboard is itself a product as they pulls report from this internal system and publicly display BP's website. One of such Dashboard product was Oil metrics dashboard they wanted UX to help redesigning existing experience. With its interactive and intuitive interface and its ability to visualize data in a single screen, it’s becoming a critical tool in the hands of the business user.

Most information dashboards use a three-pronged strategy to establish a sense of control:
a) Giving you a clear understanding of things to help establish a feeling of certainty
b) Giving you the resources to predict and plan for the future
c) Helping you complete critical tasks in time to avoid last-minute panic

My approach designing BP's oil metrics dashboard was on the following grounds:

a) Providing an overview/summary screen with drill-down options
b) Splitting data across tabs and placing all related data under one tab
c) Keep it simple, stupid! This principle works as much in business as it does in real life.

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