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At present, Barclay - UK's users are extracting information from different Business Intelligent (BI) systems. There is no single system for pulling information from the BI systems that are used by the Bank. Also, there are reports in the same or different BI systems that yield similar results. This leads to duplication of work.

The idea to design a Single MI Portal was to:
- View Reporting Catalogue
- User is able to personalize Home Page
- Reports display
- Search for Reports and show results of the search
- Compare different reports
- Portal will support Analyst user to analyze reports and take appropriate actions
- Portal will support Admin user to perform various activities for handling Reporting Catalogue admin, MI Portal admin and User Management

The UX deliverables were:
- Create wireframe designs and documentation for the Single MI Portal, factoring in Group standards on branding, accessibility and security
- Clickable portal prototype to demonstrate user experience
- Demonstrate capability to perform basic operations in Reporting

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